It would not be surprising if the appetite for investment has diminished following rising inflation, rising interest rates, etc.

But it seems that there are still a few properties on the market that can be purchased in a reasonable time frame.

Top 20 investment locations for less than $100,000 deposit

Suburb Help’s research identified 20 suburbs where homes can be purchased for a deposit of $100,000 or less.

“It is not easy to buy a property at the moment, for several reasons. First, although prices are down in many parts of Australia, they are still high after the recent boom. Second, investors’ borrowing power diminishes with each rate hike by the Reserve Bank,” said Veronica Morgan, chief real estate strategist at Suburb Help.

The search narrowed the options, excluding suburbs that had:

  • A median price of over $1 million,
  • A share of owner-occupier less than 65% or greater than 90%,
  • A tenant share of less than 10% or more than 35%,
  • A vacancy rate above 1.5%,
  • A yield of less than 3%, and
  • A median weekly rent that has increased by less than 5% over the past 12 months.
Chief real estate strategist at Suburb Help, Veronica Morgan. Picture: Provided.

“We wanted locations that were not only likely to deliver above-average capital growth over the long term, but would also provide a healthy cash yield right now,” Ms. Morgan said.

“That’s why we limited ourselves to places that had low vacancy rates and reasonable yields.

“As a result, if you’re buying a quality property in one of these locations, you should find it relatively easy to find a reliable tenant willing to pay good rent.”

Rank State Suburb Postal code Type Median price 10% deposit
1 CIV Langwarrin 3910 Unity $590,000 $59,000
2 New South Wales charlestown 2290 Unity $620,000 $62,000
3 TAS Bellerive 7018 Unity $625,000 $62,500
4 HER Hills of Eden 5050 Accommodation $760,000 $76,000
5 New South Wales Medowie 2318 Accommodation $775,000 $77,500
6 New South Wales Macquarie Hills 2285 Accommodation $786,000 $78,600
seven HER Pasadena 5042 Accommodation $787,000 $78,700
8 New South Wales Kahiba 2290 Unity $792,000 $79,200
9 LAW Ngunnawal 2913 Accommodation $801,000 $80,100
ten LAW Macgregor 2615 Accommodation $825,000 $82,500
11 LAW Holt 2615 Accommodation $832,000 $83,200
12 New South Wales Cardiff Heights 2285 Accommodation $840,000 $84,000
13 CIV Belgrave 3160 Accommodation $845,000 $84,500
14 New South Wales Currans Hill 2567 Accommodation $845,500 $84,550
15 New South Wales Narellan Valley 2567 Accommodation $875,000 $87,500
16 LAW dunlop 2615 Accommodation $880,000 $88,000
17 LAW Bonner 2914 Accommodation $882,000 $88,200
18 New South Wales Fletcher 2287 Accommodation $896,000 $89,600
19 LAW Evatt 2617 Accommodation $935,000 $93,500
20 New South Wales Adamstown Heights 2570 Accommodation $985,000 $98,500

Source: Suburb Help, $100,000 Investment Report.

In a recent article by The Property Tribune, it was found that one in two first-time home investors also lacked a plan, and one in five first-time buyers took more than a year to buy a home.

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