Boston-based real estate investment proptech Knox Financial announced on Monday the launch of new products on its platform that will help owners turn their homes into investment properties.

“For homeowners who are ready to move, Knox’s new real estate investment products allow them to transform the home they are moving from into an investment property that generates predictable returns over a period of time,” said David Friedman, CEO of Knox, in a statement.

Knox, which launched in 2019 and won the HW Tech100 award in 2022, analyzes market data to help property owners price properties and generate income from their investments. Knox also relies on real estate professionals and service providers to deliver what it calls “frictionless ownership.”​​

Friedman said Knox considers a homeowner’s moving plans and financial goals before designing a real estate investment solution for them.

According to the press release, these products include:

  1. Knox Certainty, who will rent a home to a landlord at a guaranteed rate and on the agreed lease start date so they can qualify for a larger mortgage. The product is designed specifically for landlords who need leases in hand to qualify for mortgages on new home purchases.
  2. Knox Peace of Mind, which secures the rental income from the properties and that the landlords receive the agreed rent from the residents.
  3. Knox upside down, which distributes rental income to the owner of the investment property when a resident pays rent and allows owners to access their equity through Knox’s proprietary lending platform.

Amber Barrett, chief revenue officer at Knox, said people can switch to Knox products as their “financial goals and risk tolerance evolve.” Barrett likens the move to changing an asset mix in a stock portfolio.

“For example, if you’re moving and applying for a mortgage for a new home, having a lease in hand for your old home through Knox Certainty could be particularly beneficial to your mortgage application process,” Barrett added.

Every Knox product includes advice from a real estate advisor, who assesses a property’s investment potential. Other services include risk management using Knox Insurance Services which includes home and auto, real estate marketing and supervision services which oversee a property, tenants and sellers.

The company’s customers can also access Knox Lending Corp., the lending arm of Knox. Launched in 2022, its services include purchases, refinance, cash refinance, HELOCs and Knox Equity Access Program (KEAP) loans, the statement said.

KEAP loans give homeowners capital generated from home equity that they turn into investment property through Knox. This mortgage product was spear in April 2022 for Knox clients in Texas to unlock equity in their properties without selling them.

In July this year, the organization announced the expansion of its home loan product offering with $50 million in funding in support of a real estate advisory and asset management firm. Saluda quality.