In 2021, Virginia Guiffre officially filed a lawsuit against the disgraced royal, claiming that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell forced her to have sex with him against her will, Sixth page reports. Since the scandal became public, Prince Andrew has had to retire from royal life altogether. However, many questioned the Queen’s lack of outrage over it, especially after letting her keep her military appointments.

Indeed, according to News week, Queen Elizabeth is expected to award 200 medals to celebrate her 70th year in reign in 2022 – and her second son is expected to receive one. The rest of the prizes will likely go to the military and rescue workers. Even though he is under investigation for first degree rape, Prince Andrew could be honored because of a royal precedent. A royal insider explained at the outlet: “Family members receive the medal for commemoration, not for service. If a precedent is followed, he will get one.”

In addition to being asked to retire from life as a senior member of the royal family, Prince Andrew now has no official property that he himself owns after selling his ski chalet, and he does facing charges that could land him in jail.