Inspect Point, a world-renowned company that offers cloud-based business management software for the fire inspection industry, announced a US$28 million investment from Mainsail Partners, a capital firm of growth which invests exclusively in fast growing, seeded software companies.

Inspect Point, end-to-end business solutions

Using the capital invested by Mainsail Partners, Inspect Point intends to further invest in its product

Founded in 2014, Inspect Point is an end-to-end business solutions provider that strives to enable fire inspection businesses to operate more efficiently, supporting all essential business functions, from performing inspections to documenting deficiencies, creating service proposals and work orders, generating compliance reports, scheduling and dispatching technicians, communicating with customers and reviewing dashboards.

Using the capital invested by Mainsail Partners, Inspect Point intends to further invest in its product, to provide more solutions to address common industry challenges. Fire inspection technicians often struggle with the ever-growing set of compliance codes, which can vary by equipment type, jurisdiction, and parameters, set by local fire marshals.

Help technicians understand targets and identify gaps

Inspect Point aims to help technicians understand these goals, identify deficiencies faster, and generate high-margin service revenue more efficiently.

Under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co-founder of Inspect Point, Padraic Doyle, the company has created a comprehensive business management suite for fire inspection companies. He said, “We believe we have experienced tremendous growth in a relatively short time and have achieved this level of success without any outside capital, which we believe speaks to the strength of our core product.

Allow software publishers to grow

When we considered a partner, we made a commitment to find someone who respected our roots and our culture.”

Padraic Doyle adds:When we considered a partner, we committed to finding someone who respected our roots and our culture, and also had experience helping software companies achieve the next level of growth. We find that Mainsail Partners fits this profile.

We are delighted to work with the wonderful team at Inspect Point,” said David Farsai, a partner at Mainsail Partners, adding “They have clearly built a robust and durable product which we believe is well positioned in an attractive market. We look forward to contributing our experience and resources to help the business grow.

Extensive experience in the fire and life safety industry

Inspect Point’s vice president of strategy, Drew Slocum, has experience in the fire and life safety industry, which has recently seen an influx of capital and innovation.

As fire protection becomes more and more of a priority, we continue to see more and more companies springing up to support it,said Drew Slocum, a member of several fire industry associations and host of The Fire Protection podcast.

The products cover the full cycle of fire protection work

Drew Slocum adds: “While many of these products are launched either as general field service management or as point solutions for inspection, Inspect Point’s product covers the full cycle of fire protection work.

He added : “We believe now is the perfect time to partner with Mainsail, so that we can capitalize on the momentum in the industry while striving to expand our customer base and increase the value of our product.