Federal politicians are twice as likely as the average Australian taxpayer to own an investment property, with 44% disclosing at least one.

Michelle Ananda-Rajah, Dan Tehan and Karen Andrews each declared six properties (Image: Supplied/AAP)

Almost half of MPs report owning at least one investment property, making them the most prolific property investors of any profession in Australia.

While more Australians hope to cash in on the country’s once booming housing market, property investors remain a minority of the population with 2.22 million taxpayers – about 20% of the total – owning 3.25 million rental properties between them.

Earlier this year, the Australian Financial Review have released new data from the Australian Tax Office showing the occupations most likely to be property investors in the 2019-20 financial year. At the top of the list were surgeons (43%), followed by anesthesiologists (40.5%) and internal medicine specialists (40.2%).

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