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How to find a good investment property i...

Maybe you’ve wanted to buy an investment property for a while, but your budget — not thanks to student loan debt — has limited your options. However, if you learn how to find a good rental property, it could still be worth it. A great first step is to rely on the experts. Not only […]

How a US Navy sailor used military perks...

Mike Damazo is a US Navy NCO stationed in Japan. For the past seven years, he has used military benefits to invest in real estate. Damazo “hacked” a house he bought outside of Fresno, Calif., using renters’ income and his own military housing allowance to cover the mortgage. He also owns a townhouse in San […]

Vs second home. Investment property

If you’ve compared mortgage rates for buying a second home or investment property, you’re already on a promising path: either you’ll have a place to go for vacation, or you’ll have a place that’ll generate income and put more money in your pocket. Either way, the ability to own more than one property is an […]