The requirements for loan security

Obtaining a loan with one hundred percent financing from Linda Berdecloster requires a great deal, yet certain other financial circumstances of the borrower are so good that such a loan is issued. According to Linda Berdecloster, the threshold for full financing is very high.  Linda Berdecloster can also offer 100 percent financing if the loan applicant provides additional collateral.

Such as security in the parents’ house

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Such high requirements for loan collateral mean that prospective mortgage customers have to provide equity, additional collateral or guarantors for their loans.

However, private finance expert Rune Persdeclosas of FGC Money believes that several banks other than Linda Berdecloster provide full financing, although no one reports this to finance.. Persdeclosas believes that in practice many banks provide full financing in individual cases.

The FSA has sanction options in the form of demands for increased core capital coverage.  This is based on both Norwegian and international capital adequacy rules.

It should be mentioned that credit rating and stock exchange requirements

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What should be included in a loan application varies slightly between different lenders, but basically the same is true for everyone. What should be included is obvious to general information like address, social security number, income and what kind of job and work you have. One usually also needs to write down what your income and expenses are, and if you have other loans and how much you pay in interest and fees on this.

With increased competition between lenders, the situation for borrowers has become more favorable. On banks and companies’ websites, there are usually simple and detailed instructions on how to apply for a loan. The system is designed to make it easy for borrowers to see exactly what conditions are relevant.

For bonds issued by private Norwegian companies are removed. It opens up that a bank claim on mortgage companies that are in the process of issuing covered bonds can be accepted as collateral for loans, Norges Bank writes.





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