Fast payday loans for blocked citizens

Blockages, foreclosures and overindulgence have become integral parts of everyday vocabulary. There is almost no citizen who does not know someone who is blocked or found himself in this situation. Croatia is high on the poverty line, and even countries like Romania that we have compared to recently have outperformed us.

According to the data of the Financial Agency, it is estimated that about 322,783 citizens of Croatia are blocked, and their debt amounted to HRK 42.80 billion. More than half of the debt is borne by 1.4 percent of debtors. The largest number of debtors is in the capital, which has a population of almost one million, and according to the average amount of debt, the most blocked are citizens of Čakovec, whose average debt is HRK 359 thousand.

What are fast payday loans for blocked citizens


The low incomes and extremely high cost of living and consumer baskets that exceed the average gross wage of HRK 5500 have led more than 300,000 people into debt. The number of citizens whose accounts are frozen has been increasing month by month as they obviously cannot meet their obligations on time. Single, retirees and multi-family families with one employee have the most problems with this.

A large number of people initially try to get out by borrowing from family and friends, but often this is not enough. Banks do not look at this favorably, but possibly offer loan rescheduling and refinancing options. However, this is only possible if there are good conditions and minimal risk for the bank, which is rarely the case with blockchain people. Banks do not have fast payday loans for blocked citizens in their offer of the Stig because they pose too much risk to them and fear that they will not be able to collect their debts.

What does it even mean to be blocked?


We all know about blockchain, but what does it really mean? – If the citizen has outstanding debts and the bailiff wants to collect the same, enforcement of the funds in the current account is initiated. A citizen cannot access his or her money until the debt is settled. In this case, the financial agency has the role of intermediary between the citizen and the person or company who wants to collect the debt.

By law, a citizen can open a protected account through the Financial Agency into which the employer will pay a salary. Three quarters of that salary is protected and no debt should be charged because they are necessary for everyday needs, while one quarter goes into debt reduction. Protected money should not be used to settle foreclosure. When the debt is fully settled then the Financial Agency initiates the procedure to remove the blocking from the account.

For those on the blacklist of non-payers, credit houses allow you to borrow money. By legal means, through credit institutions approved for work in Croatia by the Croatian National Bank, they can take out loans for debtors and solve their financial difficulties.

Credit houses have designed quick loans for blocked citizens


Credit companies have a different attitude and unlike banks, they do not check the list of HROKs. They have special fast payday loans for block citizens that offer better control over existing debts and the possibility of closing them. They do not ask for any additional insurance because they are basically borrowing less money that the customer can pay back with their next paycheck.

It is not necessary to prove credit worthiness for obtaining fast payday loans for blocked citizens. All you have to do is present your ID and current account card, and it is possible to pay off the same day.

fast payday loans for blocked citizens can be obtained online with minimal documentation, which saves time until the payment of money is made. There are no small letters, and before the loan is made, a contract is signed, which clearly states all the terms of the loan for the borrowers, from the amount and the repayment plan to the amount of the interest rate. The requested amount will be paid within 24 hours of submission of the request, but provided the documentation is complete.

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