15 Fun Saving Tips

Do you find it difficult to save and do you think that saving is already a disgusting idea – and above all boring? No problem, we’ll help you with a gentle (and fun) way to get started.

Fun saving tips



Toilets at the train station are a hassle for many. If you don’t feel like digging in your picture, you can visit the train in the train on the quay. They are free. However, choose a train that has plenty of time to start so you don’t accidentally get on the train when it starts. The cost of a ticket is much more expensive than a train station toilet!

If you have two separate flights and a lot of waiting time in between and would like to visit the stopover city. However, luggage is heavy and airport storage costs so consider not picking up your luggage from the luggage. This will transfer your bags to the bargain, where you can pick it up free of charge later. Note, however, that your belongings can really go for a walk! Also, make sure that the field you are using is certainly not charged for lost or found items. Take advantage of fast food barbecue spices , salt and pepper. These bags are handy for backpacking or hiking.

When traveling, you can save on air tickets too!

When traveling, you can save on air tickets too!


Bring small bottles of soap / shampoo from the hotel and use them on your next trips . They are pre-compact and convenient to take with you. You can also keep money in empty bottles. These hiding places are rarely explored by thieves.

Plastic bags for bottle return are free game. If the slight smell of beer doesn’t hurt.

With Good Flex, your account is tied to credit cards and you always get a free month for your new account. If you have more than one credit card, get the most out of them by always creating a new account. This will give you more free months. Compare the best credit card for you in our price comparison!

Take advantage of the oven heat. You can turn off the oven about 5 minutes before the food is ready and allow the food to simmer after the heat. If you forget this procedure when cooking, then the residual heat of the oven can also be used to heat the apartment by leaving the oven door open after cooking.

After eating the margarine, wash the box and use it as a lunch box or for packing. Lightweight, durable and nifty in size!

Horse linings are cheaper and considered by many to be better than those marketed to humans


Are you a student? In that case, get a credit card now! It is often easier for a student to obtain a credit card than for an employee. Good deals are offered by Good Finance , among others .

Put the filled water bottle in the water tank of the toilet bowl . This saves water every time you pull the toilet.

A cold shower beautifies and saves electricity and money.

Remember, saving is not the only way to manage your economy. You can also make money – like with Pokemon Go!

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